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So here's the deal: We watched and read too much scifi growing up. So now we can't get 2 determinately optimistic memes out of our head: (1) the future is going to be awesome (and awesome for everyone, mind you, not just white bearded californian male technocrats: that would suck). (2) The relationship between humans and our machines must be one of mutual thriving and improvement. The little magical slabs of glass that live in our pockets and proliferate across the globe are tools for human thriving. So we built Dopamine to help that future became manifest.

Technology is becoming more (addictive / persuasive / coercive) every day and there isn't much we can do to reverse it. And it sucks that the technologies that are becoming persuasive the fastest aren't necessarily ones that are great for human thriving. You deserve a better world than one in which the most persuasive technologies demand from you your eyeball hours and brand loyalty in exchange for cat videos. That's dystopic.

We spent grad school unravelling the mechanisms of human behavior. The result? We have an unrivaled understanding of where behavior - especially motivation - actually comes from. So we baked that knowledge into the Dopamine API. Now any app that wants to help people thrive can do so powered by the edge of the state of the arts at the intersection of brains, minds, and machines.

Dopamine is:


T. Dalton Combs, PhD

Founder, CEO

Brain Hacker. Transhuman Enthusiast. Academia Expat. Brew Master.


Ramsay Brown

Founder, COO

Mad Scientist. Sane Artist. Brain Architect. Circus Bear.


Akash Desai

Lead, Contact Division

Digital Sage, Habit Designer, Bootstrap Bill, Coding Monkey.


Vince Enachescu

Data and Brain Sciences, Hub Division

Brain Guru, Computer Whisperer, Nature Lover, Music Fiend.


We're unbelievably grateful to be backed by some amazing teams:

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