Machine Whisperers,
Brain Architects, &
Mad Scientists:
at your service.
Cortex helps you discover the hidden opportunities in your user data
with custom Machine Learning and Behavior Design solutions.

Are your users misbehaving?
Human behavior is nuanced – We all know that. But is your product designed to leverage that complexity?
It’s hard to see users just from the data. You’ve collected it, but are you asking the right questions?

Dont panic!
Cortex is here to help.
We’re all in a new era.
Winning teams are leveraging artificial intelligence to make smarter decisions. And killer products are built to adapt to - and influence - user behavior.

Are you prepared?
We're ready. We're Cortex.

Cortex is your behavior design strike-team from Dopamine Labs. We combine decades of expertise in Machine Learning, Data Science, Design, and User Psychology to keep you on the cutting edge.

Machine Learning

What treasure lies undiscovered in your data? Cortex builds solutions to help you identify and leverage hidden patterns in your data.

Science & Data

Are you asking the right questions? Collecting the right data? Cortex helps you adapt and improve via automatic experimentation.

Behavior Design

Did you know that behavior is designable? Cortex helps you build adaptive, persuasive products using user psychology and neuroscience.
Synapse with us
Connect with Cortex and embed unparalleled intelligence in your firm.

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